Frequently Asked Questions

Polished Concrete, Grinding and Sealing.

Q. Can you have coloured polished concrete floor?

A. Yes. If you are laying a new slab, there is different cement colour to choose from, which you will need to discuss with your concrete supplier.


Q. Can I choose the aggregate for a new concrete slab?

A. Yes. If you are laying a new concrete slab, you can select different cement colours in the concrete, there are also various aggregate colours, types, sizes and minerals to choose for the topping mix. You will need to discuss these options with your concrete supplier.


Q. Is there an alternative to the exposed aggregate look?

A. Yes.  The depth of the grind can give different levels of stone/aggregate exposure showing in the final finish. A non-exposed aggregate finish can be achieved.


QCan you polish an existing concrete slab?

A. Yes, if the quality of the  concrete is suitable for polishing


Q. What about 75-year-old concrete that is pitted, well-worn or has had coatings applied?

A. Yes, as above if the quality is good. Floor repairs may be required


Q. When should I liaise with a concrete polisher?

A. As early as possible in the planning stages of the project


Q. Are there any harmful VOC’s?

A. Very low VOC’s (See ‘Why Concrete’)


Q. Is a polished concrete floor slippery for outdoors?

A. Only on gradients, otherwise no. We can produce a no-slip honed finish if required.


Q. Do forklift tires mess it up?

A. Forklift and general tyre marks are removed during  normal planned maintenance procedures


Q. How do you go about producing a polished concrete floor?

A. We use grinding machines with planetary heads and dust extractors. We start with a 25 to 30 grit metal tool and finish with a 1500 to 3000 grit resin tool.


Q. How long will it last?

A. This is a long term flooring option. In heavy industrial, commercial or institutional use, an inexpensive re-polish may be needed years down the road (depending on your maintenance)


Q. Will the floor lose its shine?

A. Yes, over time it will. Again, regular effective maintenance cleaning / polishing will extend the shine ‘life’ substantially


Q. Is the process dusty or messy?

A. We use dust extractors to pull dust away from the grinding point, so the process is mostly dust free.


Q. Where is Polished Concrete found?

A. Warehouses, Restaurants, Schools, Retail Stores, Manufacturing, Residential, Showrooms and many more.

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