Floor Maintenance

Concrete Floor Maintenance Procedures and In-House Training

Floor maintenance is key to both the appearance and longevity of a concrete floor. We have developed easy procedures, which combined with our maintenance products will keep floors in great condition for many years, with minimum effort.

Concrete floor maintenance and renovation procedures  may be described as follows:
Daily Maintenance:

Effective and planned daily maintenance averts the need for periodic  maintenance or renovation of concrete floors.

Periodic or interim Maintenance:

Floors requiring  periodic maintenance are defined as “in bad condition, but not in need of renovation


  • The removal of old coatings / coverings
  • Repair where required
  • Level out and create a surface for polishing and /or coating

Maintenance Products

Cleaning Equipment and Consumables


  1. Auto Scrubber – Driers
  2. Rotary scrubbing machines
  3. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  4. Wet and damp mopping equipment
  5. Floor squeegees


  1. Diamond impregnated polishing pads
  2. Floor cleaning pads
  3. PH neutral cleaning detergent (concrete specific)
  4. Heavy duty neutral degreaser
  5. Liquid hardeners / densifiers