Polished Concrete


Polished concrete is an innovative, economical and environmentally friendly process of mechanically grinding and polishing concrete utilizing industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners.

It is the perfect application for; commercial & business facilities, industrial plants, warehouses, retail locations, showrooms, schools, museums, and government buildings

Aggregate Levels

Cream Finish

Mainly paste, with fine sands randomly exposed.

Salt & Pepper Finish

Mainly fine sands up to 3 mm aggregate, with paste and large aggregate randomly exposed.

Medium Aggregate

Mainly 3 to 6 mm aggregate, with paste and large aggregate randomly exposed.

Large Aggregate

Mainly  6 to 9 mm aggregate, with paste and fines in between.

Sheen Levels

Matt FInish

A matte sheen absorbs light and enhances the natural tones of the existing concrete.

Low Sheen

Gives a sleek look, similar to a matte finish, but with a slight shine that provides some light reflection.

High Sheen

A high level of light reflectivity makes this our most popular flooring service. Color will reflect off of surrounding objects.

High Gloss

Uniform, glossy appearance will reflect the lighting in the facility and will mirror the colors from the objects surrounding it.

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