Repair and Restoration

    • Concrete damage and deterioration occur on any slab over the course of its lifetime.
    • Changes in temperature, heavy equipment operation, settlement, chemical exposure are common causes of concrete deterioration.
    • These damages will need to be assessed and repaired properly to ensure a long-lasting result.

    Cracked Concrete

    All concrete cracks over time, but being proactive and taking care of the issues when they emerge can prevent the cracks from worsening, making the repairs more costly and more extensive.

    Pop-Outs / Divots

    Concrete pop-outs or divots typically occur when something is dropped onto the concrete from overhead. These pop-outs can expand over time into larger holes if not fixed


    Delamination in concrete can occur if finishing operations start prematurely and close or seal the surface before bleeding is completed. Air and /or water are trapped under the densified surface mortar.